Classic: Simple - Timeless - Balanced

Classic - Simple - Timeless - Balanced Let more elegance in, For more traditional styled rooms, the beautiful doors in our Classic Range, exude luxurious warmth and exceptional quality.

Contemporary Doors : Clean - Modern - Minimal

Let more sharp edge in, Clean lines and chic minimalist finished characterise the doors in our extensive Contemporary range, each designed to effortlessly complement the most modern of architecture.  

Exotic : Bold - Different - Interesting

Let more inspiration in, Bold shades and textures combine through this exciting Exotic range, Capable of bringing a strikingly original design twist to any interior/ exterior space.

Natural: Warmth - Light - Texture

Let more outside in, With its softy textured gain and light palette, our Natural range conjures an atmosphere of relaxed tranquility and cool, unfussy sophistication.

Pooja Doors

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